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KoAloha D-VI-
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KoAloha D-VI

D-VI 6-String

The D-VI 6 String Ukulele is a unique ukulele. It has a Tenor Ukulele body and Gloss Finish. It also shares the same sound as the Tenor, however it can be tuned just like a guitar (regular or Slack Key Relative Tuning). This model is currently being used by Daniel Ho!

Below are some of the options that come with the D-VI. If you want Custom Options, please contact us.

KTM-D6 D-VI 6-String Ukulele - MSRP $1200

• All Hawaiian Koa Body
• Hand Shaped Sapele Tenor Neck
• Ebony Fretboard and Bowtie Design Bridge
• TUSQ(tm) Nut and Saddle
• KoAloha 5-pointed Crown Headstock
• KoAloha Bowtie Ebony Bridge
• 20-Fret Straight-cut Fretboard, joined at the 15th Fret
• Fretboard Inlay Dots made of Abalone
• Single Piece Sidewall Construction
• 6 Strings - Standard ADGCEA Relative Slack Key Tuning Optional

• Tuners inline, three per side
• KoAloha's Patented "Musubi" Soundhole
• High Gloss Finish
• "Better than the Weather" Warranty

Price:Was $1200.00 Sale! $1099.00
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Kanile'a G6 Guitarlele Ukulele - K-1
Kanile'a G6 Guitarlele Ukulele - K-1

Our GL6 is a hybrid instrument that Joe developed to bring the convenience of the ‘ukuleles’ size with the chord playability that guitar players love. This instrument has our unique Super Tenor body in combination with our 20 inch Baritone scale joined at the body on the 16th fret with 22 frets total. The tuning of this wonderful instrument is “A D G C E A” or the same tuning as a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. The volume and resonance that projects from this instrument is phenomenal. Hear for yourself a new voice that is appealing to both the ‘ukulele and guitar aficionado.

The Guitarlele can be customized with optional wood choices, bindings, rosette, inlay and more. Please call or email to order a customized Guitarlele.

UV Finish
MSRP $1695  Our Price $1595

Satin Finish MSRP $1595 Our Price $1495

 These are photos of a previously built `ukulele. Please keep in mind that this is a sample. In the world of wood products because woods vary from one piece to another you will not find two pieces the same. The photo gives you an idea of what the accessories look like as well as the shape and size. The woods will always vary in grain, curls and color.