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KALA U-Bass Mahogany Ukulele (Bass Uke)

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KALA U-Bass Mahogany Ukulele (Bass Uke)


The Kala U-BASS is truly a ground breaking short scale (20") bass that produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning, EADG. Available in fretted and fretless models, the U-BASS is strung with proprietary polyurethane strings that incorporate a great bass feel with balanced tension. They are a true pleasure to play!

The U-BASS produces a tone closer to the sound of an upright bass than any other instrument. Extremely portable (meets carry-on standards), the U-BASS can go anywhere. It has a passive Shadow pick-up system that features 4 individual piezo elements and compensated saddles. It has a solid Mahogany body and neck, rosewood finger-board and bridge. This unique product is the result of a collaborative effort between KALA Brand Music and Owen Holt of Road Toad Music. All mahogany U-BASS come with a custom hard-foam case.