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My ukulele workshops run the gamut of one time informal introductory workshops for beginners at festivals, libraries and other events to on-going workshops for those who want to master reading music, learning movable chords, chord solos and tablature.

As a workshop leader all across Texas - from Bulverde to the Old Time Music Festival in Palestine and the Winter Acoustic Festival in Irving, the popularity of the uke just keeps growing!


I am a musician/singer/songwriter who has never quite grown-up! Music has been my passion from elementary school, through my days as a music major at Texas Woman's University ... and today.

Beginning Ukulele   gifs-womannote

You do not need any musical experience to attend this workshop! The beginner class is designed for the first timer. It is also a great refresher course for those who have some experience playing the ukulele but have not played in some time. Students will be able to play 2- 3 songs by the end of the first lesson.

Intermediate Ukulele

So you know a few chords on the ukulele, your dog no longer howls when you play and your spouse does not send you to the garage to practice! It's time to learn some new chords and strums. We'll talk a little theory and bring your playing to the next level.

Hawaiian Ukulele   2hulagirls

Listen to the sounds of grass skirts swaying! An introduction to hapa-haole and traditional Hawaiian music for ukes will have you dreaming of sandy beaches and glorious sunsets. This workshop is for players who have mastered the basic chords.

Ukulele for Kids  gif-children1

"It makes no difference what instrument you choose – recorder, trumpet, piano, bass, guitar, mandolin; none can compare with the ukulele as a means of music education in our schools." - J. Chalmers Doane, Teacher's Guide to Classroom Ukulele

And the best part, it's fun and easy! This workshop is designed as a full semester of ukulele. Classes are limited to 10 students. Lessons are provided at your location

  • Introduction to Ukulele Tuning
  • Care of the Uke • Basic Theory & Uke
  • Rhythm & Strums • New songs weekly
  • Group Singing & Playing.
The kids must be "fitted" for a ukulele at least two weeks in advance of the start date of class. Special ukulele instrument packages are offered for students.

"Learn to Uke" Course

For the "recreational" ukulele player, this course is, simply, for fun! Designed as a six week course, it is available for schools, colleges, recreational centers, libraries, senior centers, and other organizations.
We will focus on the basics:

  • Introduction to Ukulele Tuning
  • Care of the Uke • Basic Theory & Uke Tablature
  • Rhythm & Strums
  • Group Singing & Playing

“Ukulele In The Classroom”

This curriculum is a new performance-based ukulele methods through which students explore elements of music including: melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone.

Areas of skill include:
  •  singing
  •  picking
  •  strumming
  •  ear training
  •  sight-reading
  •  improvising
  •  music theory
  •  harmonizing
  •  arranging and more.
In many ways the Ukulele in the Classroom series melds the lessons of the past with a vision for the future, infusing the wisdom of elders with the creative energy of youth. The program was developed by ukulele virtuoso James Hill and Chalmers Doane, founder of the Canadian school ukulele program. This curriculum was designed to help develop and support music literacy in schools and other learning environments.

History of the Ukulele

Where did the ukulele originate? How did it become popular? What kinds of music can you play on it? Is there more than one type of ukulele? What is the cause of the recent resurgence in popularity of the uke? These questions and more will be answered in an interesting educational program about the uke. Of course, we will have a “show’n’tell" time too!


Please contact Noel Tardy by phone 214-924-0408 or email to schedule your event. Fees will be discussed on a case by case basis.


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